Ask the butterfly


Paperback: 244 pages
Dimensions: 13×20 cm (5×8 in)
Language: English
Photographs: Black and White
A poetry book, with 100+ poems and photographs, it’s where poetry meets photography, two of authors biggest passions, writing and photography.



Ask the butterfly…

… will take you to the journey of the girl who finds and becomes the woman she has always been, before she somehow lost herself and forgot who she was. Each day is a new day and new hope. It gives the reader an experience of raw pain but also peaceful freedom and love towards yourself. Ask the butterfly gives space to create readers’ interpretation of the poems based on their own experience. Each poem has an accompanying photo of the girl or woman. No matter what, there is always a beginning after an end. And an end after a beginning. And a beginning after an end. It is a circle of life.